Edge of the Empire - Forged by Fate

Mos Shuuta Mayhem (Act 1)
Cantina Crashers

Zuul turned the corner of the alley at a full run, skidding on the dusty ground briefly before regaining his balance. Glancing backwards, he saw a flash of Kee-lah’s green skin and the horned silhouette of Vekrax’s skull against the light at the alley’s entrance. Behind them, a series of beeps and whistles echoed off the walls as D-11K’s wheeled legs brought up the rear. Something about “stupid green meat sacks,” although it could just as likely have been about a hyperdrive malfunction; Zuul was still learning the astromech droid’s dialect. No sign of their fifth companion. Had Teemo’s goons gotten him? No time to worry now.

Zuul had popped out of the alley onto a small side street. He quickly gazed up and down the dirt road for a place his party could lose themselves in the crowd. But there was no crowd here, only a few creatures proceeding about their day’s business. A toydarian hovering in a doorway with wings flapping as it cleaned carbon deposits off a battered R4 droid. A pair of jawas babbled excitedly while they chased a mouse droid into another alley. So places to hide then. A few liquid storage tanks, scattered piles of boxes and discarded trash rested against the stone buildings. Perhaps a business they could enter? Zuul could see an open-bay droid repair shop and a handful of vendors selling cheap food, clothing and trinkets under awnings. Across the road were high walls which partially muted the grunts, hisses and stench of the dewbacks behind them. And then Zuul saw salvation. Only a few doors down was the entrance to the town’s cantina, and it would give them a chance to hide from Teemo’s gamorrean enforcers. He waved to his following companions and hurried towards it.

Slowing to a walk and taking a few deep breaths to appear calm, Zuul pushed the door open and ducked through the entrance. A cool breeze wafted over him as the overhead fan struggled to keep up with the fierce heat of the midday suns. Peering through the dimly lit interior, Zuul was jostled by his acquaintances entering behind him. The cantina was moderately filled due to the lunch crowd. Several various creatures crowded the bar to his left and clamored for the attention of the devaronian bartender, and most of the tables in the middle of the large single-room establishment were occupied. An unused stage was placed at the far end of the room. A row of booths filled the right wall, a few of which were empty. No exits other than the front entrance… but behind the bar was the slightly cracked door of the supply closet. Good enough.

Zuul smoothly sidled up to the bar and caught the eye of the bartender; not too difficult, as he himself was a devaronian. Small galaxy. Leaning forward to speak in a low voice, he slipped a fifty-credit chit across the bar. “For the next ten minutes I’m your janitor, and I’ll be stocking the supply closet behind the bar.” The bartender’s raised eyebrows turned into an amused grin, and he jerked his head toward the closet door as he made the credits disappear. “Looks like you’re hired.” Zuul squeezed through the serving entrance, and quickly hid himself in the darkness between the supplies with the door cracked open behind him.

As he peered through the door’s opening, Zuul watched Vekrax duck into a booth already occupied by another zabrak, while Kee-lah hurried toward the stage at the back of the room as she removed her jacket. Smoothing her hair, Kee-lah disappeared behind the stage with a grin on her face. Vekrax slapped the shoulder of the other confused zabrak and waved a twi’lek serving girl over to them. While Vekrax continued to talk at his new companion, the domed top of D-11K’s head disappeared underneath the bar counter. Zuul could hear a couple of stools being pushed aside the droid hid itself in the shadows.

No sooner had the droid disappeared than the cantina door burst open. Sure enough, they’d failed to elude Teemo’s thugs. Four silhouettes were backlit by the suns as the door closed, and they began to disperse into the cantina. They might not be too smart, but what they lacked in brains these gamorreans made up for with brawn, persistence, and stink. Heads turned and tracked them as the scoured the establishment; Zuul and his friends probably weren’t the only people that wanted to avoid attention in Mos Shuuta. Zuul pulled his modified dueling blaster from its holster and poked the barrel through the thin opening in the door, just in case.

Two of the enforcers walked along the bar, pushing patrons aside as they looked for Zuul’s associates. Another hurried deeper into the building to look amongst the tables while a fourth made its way along the row of booths on the far side of the cantina. Lights at the back of the cantina snapped on as Kee-lah emerged, dressed in a sheer robe. She began to dance liquidly on the stage as blue and red lights played across her skin. Glancing at the bartender, Zuul could see the confusion on his face as the show started. Slowly, the confusion turned into appreciation at the amount of skin being bared on his stage.

The gamorreans continued to hunt. Zuul breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the pair near the bar pass D-11K’s hiding spot… only to hear the scraping of stools and a few gasps from nearby patrons. D-11K’s head appeared above the bar, and then the rest of his body as he steadily rose towards the ceiling with no form of suspension in sight. The two nearby gamorreans shouted, pulled large metal clubs from their belts, and began to swing mightily at the suspended droid.

Zuul cracked the door open a bit further and peered through the opening. Sure enough, Vekrax was sitting in a booth with eyes squinted as he began to move his outstretched hand. In response, the droid began to spin in midair. D-11K whistled a few furious notes. Zuul didn’t know the entire library of droid curse words, but he was sure a few were mixed in there. A panel on the droid’s cylindrical body sprang open and a blaster pistol snapped out. D-11K spewed a series of poorly aimed blaster bolts around the cantina as the droid made his displeasure known. The top of a stool exploded, and new scorch marks were added to old ones on the walls and ceiling. Patrons began to scream as they began to duck for cover or run for the cantina’s exit. The gamorreans were fixated on their prey, and continued to take two-handed swings at the droid.

An Ithorian took the backswing of a club in the chest as he attempted to navigate the gamorreans’ gauntlet and fell to his back, grunting out an anguished sound from the mouths on the sides of its neck while its eyes rolled in pain. A trio of one-eyed abyssans rushed by with their instruments cradled protectively, and a wookiie flipped a table, roaring as he exited the cantina. A few bothans in a booth simply laughed pointed as they continued to drink. Zuul saw the bartender shake his head as he ducked behind the bar. There appeared to be a better than fair chance that fifty credits weren’t worth this amount of trouble.

One of the gamorrean’s clubs finally connected and sent D-11K hurtling across the room and into the wall with a loud metallic clang. Vekrax was startled as his control was broken, but he quickly recovered and slid out of his booth to his feet, charging across the room through the now empty tables. The gamorrean that had sent the droid flying shouted in triumph and ran to the prone figure to finish it off. Blasting a series of bleeps, D-11K popped to its feet and sent a blaster bolt into the gamorrean’s belly. Clutching at his middle and bellowing in pain, the gamorrean continued its charge and barreled into the droid shoulder first. Smashed between the bulk of the gamorrean and the wall, D-11K gave a plaintive wail and its lights flickered, then dimmed. The gamorrean snorted in triumph and turned to where Vekrax was engaged with its compatriot.

Realizing he’d waited too long to reveal himself, Zuul adjusted tighly sqeezed his blaster’s custom grip and ducked out of the doorway. Waiting a split second for a fleeing rodian to move out of his way, he lined up his sights on the gamorrean. A careful shot to the side of the head dropped it before it had taken a full step towards Vekrax. Before he could line up a shot on Vekrax’s opponent, a loud crash drew Zuul’s eyes to the rear of the cantina. Two backlit silhouettes struggled on the stage as Kee-lah viciously fought with a gamorrean. Kee-lah tossed her see-through robe at him, succeeding in wrapping it around his arm but little else. She grunted as he retaliated with a swift club strike to her bare midriff, then raised her arms to fend off further attacks as she backpedalled.

Zuul attempted to get a shot at the gamorrean attempting to strike Vekrax, but he was afraid of striking Vekrax in the process. Giving up on the futile attempt, he drew his vibroknife and thumbed the power switch. A hum indicated it was functional and ready to start carving. As Zuul hopped over the bar to engage, the gamorrean yelped in surprise as its club was ripped out of his hand and flung across the room. Vekrax’s grin gave away that he’d used the force. Angered, the gamorrean rushed Vakrex. Vakrex responded by unsheathing an ornate metal sword and flourishing it, whipping it around in a series of arcs quickly enough to make it whistle. Accepting a few slices to the chest and arms that sent spatters of green blood flying, the gamorrean bulled through Vakrex’s guard to land a fist in his gut, followed by an uppercut that sent him reeling.

Zuul lowered his shoulder and charged, striking the gamorrean in the middle of the back. And it was like trying to shoulder through a brick wall. Zuul took a few hurried swipes as the gamorrean turned towards him and only succeeded in severing a few shreds of leather armor as the blade hummed. In response he’d left himself open, and received a swift forearm to the side of his head for it. The gamorrean suddenly stiffened as the tip of Vekrax’s metal blade suddenly protruded through its shoulder, and Zuul quickly seized the opportunity to plunge his knife into its chest. With the harsh buzz of blade vibrating on bone and an agonized squeal, the gamorrean dropped to the ground.

Vekrax and Zuul quickly abandoned the enforcer’s corpse and attempted to join Kee-lah. She’d received the worst end of the exchange of blows, and blood trickled from multiple gashes on her torso and arms. Running to within easy blaster range, Zuul slapped a fresh charge into his pistol, took a deep breath and steadied his aim. The bolt struck the back of the gamorrean’s head and left a smoking hole. The creature keeled forwards, nearly taking Kee-lah with it to the ground as it toppled. Heavy breathing was now the only sound breaking the silence of the nearly abandoned cantina.

The bartender, now on his feet, began to clap slowly. “Nicely done, people. Nicely done.” Shaking his head at the damage, he continued to speak while Zuul, Kee-lah and Vekrax regained their composure and began to set D-11K upright. “Looks like you’ve got a problem. Above and beyond destroying my property and disturbing my customers, I judge being chased by Teemo’s enforcers means you’ll be wanting out of the city, and probably off the planet as well. Just so happens that there’s a ship sitting in docking bay Besh. It already belongs to a Captain Trex, and he’ll probably resent losing his ship, but nobody in the city likes him much, even Teemo, so I wouldn’t worry about that. The ship’s docked for repairs, so you’ll also want to find a hyperdrive matter reactor before you try to go anywhere with it. You can find one in the junkyard if you’ve got the credits.”

The bartender folded his arms and glared. “Now… any enemy of Teemo is a friend of mine, but seeing as I don’t need any more of his gamorreans in my cantina, I invite you to leave. Now.” The deveronian smiled with bared teeth, and let it devolve into a frown as he raised his arm and pointed at the door. Vekrax tilted D-11K onto its wheeled legs, and began to push it towards the door. Kee-lah wiped green blood off of her shoulder and put her leather jacket on. Checking to make sure his vibroknife’s power was switched off, Zuul slid it back into its belt sheath and turned towards the exit.

Pushing open the door, Zuul and his companions ventured out into midday sunlight and baking heat of Mos Shuuta to find a way off of Tatooine. They just needed to repair their droid, track down a working hyperdrive component, and steal a ship from its Hutt-employed owner out of an Imperial docking bay. No sweat.

Debts to Pay (Part 1)

(Place Holder)

Trouble Brewing (Part 2)


Trouble Brewing (Part 1)

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Under a Black Sun (Part 2)
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire!

Rocan, Valfar, Rasten, and Six surveyed the the aftermath of the heated battle that took place just moments ago. Rodian, Duros, and human enforcers lay dead and dying all over the sub level 1A warehouse floor. The bulk speeder truck hovered idling near the entrance to the secret tunnel that leads away from Zelcomm Tower. A quick inspection in the half dozen, or so, crates revealed a multitude of blaster rifles, stun and frag grenades and several mini thermal detonators.

Rocan glanced up at the ceiling and noticed the security cameras positioned at various points around the perimeter of the room. He blurted out, “Druk! They recorded the whole thing! Quick, grab whatever you can…let’s get the kriff outa here before more security shows up!” Immediately, a mad scramble to collect handfuls of grenades and blaster rifles ensued. After loading everything on the truck, Rasten and Six piled into the cab and sped on down the corridor. Valfar and Rocan sprinted up the stairs to the turbo-lift and beat feet to the two speeders they hacked earlier. About an hour later, after dropping gear off at their ship, the crew arrived back at ’Chopper’s’ garage to plan their next move.

Rocan negotiated a deal with Chopper for the truck, the flashy speeder, and the speeder they brought with from Ryloth…2,500 credits…not bad for a couple of ‘hot’ speeders and a dusty pile of scrap. Next, they patched up their wounds, armed up, and headed out in their remaining speeder for Sector 943…to the NovaCORE kelerium processing plant.

The main landing platform at the plant was shrouded by huge gouts of steam from several large exhaust ports. As Rocan pulled in to the platform, he misjudged his landing, and crashed into some cargo containers, nearly pitching the speeder over the edge. They all disembarked and walked into the main entrance to the facility.

Inside, several worker droids toiled away at various tasks monitoring and maintaining the plant operations through computer terminals and barely notice the group as they walk by. After a few minutes, a Mustifarian foreman emerged from his office at the far end of the room and started to yell at the unscheduled visitors in his native tongue. Paying no heed to the protesting foreman, Six continued to advance. After seeing that the menacing assassin droid and his companions were not, in fact, leaving….he pressed a silent alarm to summon company security. Six instantly snapped and rushed at the Mustifarian in a blind rage. He violently threw his electrified hands to the foreman’s chest and preceded to shock the piss out of him. He slumped sideways, convulsing and nearly collapsed to the floor….the two remaining Mustifarians cowered away from the threat inside their office nearby. Soon after, a unit of company security droids started to file in through the main entrance behind Valfar and Rasten…blaster pistols drawn. Rocan then brandished his bounty hunter credentials and stated their need to search the premises for a fugitive Nikto bounty hunter called Kaa’to.

The droids scanned the bounty hunter’s license and then holstered their weapons, allowing the investigators to continue their search. The group then proceeded into the main refinery area of the factory. A huge molten river of kelerium flowed from one end of the refinery to the other. Giant crucibles sliding along a conveyor track dipped in, one at a time, collecting the super heated ore on their way to the cooling tanks near the middle of the room. A control tower rose up above the cooling tanks, filled with monitors, control panels and droids to oversee and operate the plant processes. Steel platforms spanned the room in various places, allowing access to all of the major operations.

Valfar took the elevator to the control tower and shut down the manufacturing processes…The crucible conveyor slowly ground to a halt, but the deafening sound of blast furnaces still roared all around. The group spread out, looking for signs of the Nikto bounty hunter and eventually came across an old blast door which was partially obscured by old droid parts and other discarded factory detritus. Upon closer inspection, they determined that the door was sealed from the other side and the steel was too thick to breach.

Just when the crew were about to move on, Rasten noticed a hidden door, down and to the left of the sealed blast door. The door was small enough that the investigators would have to crouch/crawl to get through to the other side. Someone noticed it was booby-trapped…and in an effort to disarm the trap, it was inadvertently tripped. Boom!!! Everyone was knocked off their feet and suffered minor injuries from the blast.

Next the group filed into the hidden room…Six first, followed by Rocan and Rasten. Valfar brought up the rear. The new room had tons of old machinery from various outdated refining practices covered in a thick layer of dust. Windows from a second story office glowed dimly. The hulking assassin droid quickly made for the stairs in the back of the room that looked to lead up to the office. Just before taking his first step, he noticed that some of the stairs were completely free of footprints in the inch-thick layer of dust. Carefully stepping only where he saw footprints, Six made his way slowly up the staircase.

Rocan made to follow his droid companion, but was interrupted by a series of blaster bolts originating from a second story office window. He quickly grabbed cover behind some abandoned refinery equipment and readied a frag grenade…More shots rained down from above. Rasten and Valfar took cover and returned fire, knocking out some of the glass in the windows.

Rocan quickly advanced, closing half the distance to the office, yet still a story below…and tossed his grenade up through a hole in the window. Six was nearly up to the door at the top of the stairs when BOOM!! the grenade detonated, blowing all of the glass out from the office back into the room below. The blast threw the door from one of its hinges and buckled it out towards the assassin droid, causing him to take a defensive stance and shield his face with his forearm.

The crew could hear the sounds of crunching glass and then a loud metal clank as the mysterious attacker leaped out the opposite window into the main refinery area and landed on the steel decking below. Rasten backed out of the room they were in to try to cut off their attacker and saw a green Niktos in padded armor engage the thrusters on his jetpack. The Zabrak fired off a shot from his blaster pistol and managed to hit the bounty hunter’s left jetpack nozzle, causing Kaa’to to slam back into the catwalk. Valfar ran up behind Rasten and opened fire with his Geonosian blaster carbine, striking the bounty hunter several times.

Six threw the door aside, rushed into the office room and leaped out the window in pursuit of Kaa’to. Rocan got a running start and leapt off of some equipment to try to grab the sill of the window he’d tossed the grenade into moments before. In his haste he misjudged his footing and slammed face first into the wall below the window and proceeded to drop several feet to the ground…flat on his back.

The others converged on the fleeing bounty hunter’s position thinking they may corner him. Ralston lobbed a stun grenade at him and concentrated on the Force….He sensed the power of his hatred boiling to the surface of his mind and tapped into that feeling. Dipping into the Dark Side, he managed to extend the range of his throw and keep it from bouncing back away from his target. The concussion from the stun grenade knocked Kaa’to prone and caused the rest of the crew to loose their hearing for a few moments. It also, somehow corrected the alignment of the damaged thruster nozzle on Kaa’to’s jetpack…allowing him to engage the engines and give him boost enough to right himself and continue fleeing.

The Niktos bounty hunter then brandished a mini-thermal detonator, setting it to a short fuse. As he leaned sideways and attempted to lob it at his enemies, it went off in his hand with the blinding energy of a miniature star. When the light subsided and the debris settled, the battered torso of the former nemesis lay bleeding out, his head and only remaining limb precariously hanging over the edge of the large circle cut into the steel catwalk by the blast.

The crew hurried over to stabilize the mangled mess of a creature, discarding his destroyed equipment. When they were sure they could transport what was left of him safely, they strapped him to Six’ back and made their way back to Chopper’s shop. They settled up with the four-armed mechanic (and the Pyke Syndicate) and received the information promised to them about Valfar’s missing brother.

More to come…

Under a Black Sun (Part 1 - partial)
How I got my gambling addiction and my friends saved me from myself.

Player Characters,
Pash: Human Smuggler Pilot. Drunk womenizer, but a good pilot.
JM-4496: HK-63 Assassin Droid Hired Gun Marauder, AKA: Six. Hobbies include neatly bisecting enemies with his axe and selling drugs to organic meatbags.
Rocan Selbus: Human Bounty Hunter Survivalist Scoundrel. Walks softly, and carries a BIG gun. A BlasTec DLT-19 he calls “Deathspitter”.
Valfar: Human Technician Slicer. On the run from the Black Sun and the Empire, very good at his job. Always looking for bank account numbers whenever slicing computers.
Rasten : Zabrak Doctor, force sensitive. Busted out of Teemo’s cells by the rest of the party after the ransack of the Palace. Had been locked up by Teemo for being a force sensitive, planned to turn over to the Empire.
C1-10P: R5 droid. AKA Chopper. Purchased by our characters in Mos Shutta, he mostly watches the ship and gets belittled by Six.
Void Runner: VCX-100 Freighter. Currently owned by Rocan, formerly called the Krayt Fang and owned by Trex(Rest in pieces) Painted a dull jet black.

Upon defeating Teemo the Hutt, Pash discovers that their friend Rasten, a Zabrak doctor was being held in one of the cells farther down the hall in Teemo’s palace. Rasten apparently was discovered to be Force Sensitive by Teemo and was going to be turned over to the Empire for the sizable bounty on a force sensitive’s head.
Rasten gladly joins the group. Heading back to the Smuggler’s ship they had hired to get them into Mos Shutta, the group decides to stop over in Mos Eisely for some supplies before heading back to Geonosis to pick up their ship.
In Mos Eisely, Rocan finds a gunsmith to upgrade Deathspitter with an Augmented Spin Barrel. The attachment is successful. Now his DLT-19 will cause even more damage!
JM-4496 also goes shopping. He finds a weapon dealer who upgrades his Vibroaxe with a Monomolecular edge. The attachment is successful. “You are fortunate you succeeded meatbag…”
After arriving on Geonosis, the group is once again contacted by Ota. Who has an offer of a job, and information.
Apparently, a crime family called the Pikes has some information regarding Valfar’s missing sister. They are willing to divulge the information, and some credits, if the group helps with a job on Coruscant.
The Pikes had been employing a Nikto Bounty Hunter to help smuggle spice, but he double crossed them and stole hundreds of thousands of credits worth of Spice, which he sold to the Black Sun.
“Yes, well you see the Pikes would like Valfar to slice into the Black Sun security system at the base of operations he used to work at. He needs to find the data on this bounty hunter, who has been operating under an Alias. So the Pikes don’t know who he really is.” – Ota
We accept the offer, Valfar is especially interested in the info on his missing sister.
But before we can go, we need to change the Transponder Codes on the Krayt Fang. The ship will be on Imperial Records as having blasted its way off of Tatooine.
Ota informs us the best place to get the Transponder Codes changed will be on Ord Mantell. That we should speak with teller 8 at the Department of Space Vehicles to get our registration altered.
“All right, we’ll get the Transponder changed there before we head to Coruscant.” says Valfar.
After 10 uneventful of travel down the Corellian Run and Hydian Way Hyperspace routes, the group arrives at Ord Mantell. An Imperial Star Destroyer and several frigates are in high orbit.
“Fly Casual, Pash. We don’t want them picking us up” says Rocan.
No Imperial forces respond to our presence. News of us escaping has obviously not traveled.
We arrive at the DSV in the Capital of Wolport. Ord Mantell is known for its “lax” attitude towards protocol, and after several hours of waiting we arrive at Teller 8.
The registration change goes off without a hitch, and costs 2500 credits which we take out of the ship fund.
The Krayt Fang is renamed Void Runner, and the deed is put in Rocan’s name. “Always wanted my own ship” Rocan says as we leave.
A few hours later, the jump to Coruscant is complete. The Transponder codes are seen as legit, and we land without incident. Pash however vists a nearby Bar he’s frequented before and gets flat out drunk. We leave him snoozing in the back of the Void Runner while Chopper keeps an eye on things.
We quickly meet up with our contact and are given the details.
The Black Sun base is easily infiltrated and we access their data core without a hitch. But as we are downloading the data, Valfar makes a mistake and an alarm is tripped. We get the data and make our escape, with Black Sun thugs on our tail.
We reach an outer landing pad, and a droid operated taxi speeder is our only option of escape.
We leap in and the driver zips off into traffic, but the thugs are right on our tail. 6 swoops follow us closely as we zip between traffic.
The thugs open fire and a lucky bolt disables the Droid pilot and the speeder begins careening out of control.
Valfar desperately tries to right the speeder, but the droid pilot is in his way. The speeder smashes into the side of a cargo hauler before careening down and crashing on a busy thoroughfare.
The Cargo hauler’s cargo however is unseated by the impact and dozens of crates and tanks fall off the side. 2 of the pursuing Swoops are crushed by the falling cargo but the other 4 are delayed.
The group disembarks from the speeder, disorientated and shaken. Rocan, Valfar, and RASTEN are barely able to take cover before the swoops land at the edge of the Platform. But Six manages to quickly slip into the crowd, blending in with a group of off world tourists.
Rocan raises Deathspitter, raining blaster bolts in the direction of the thugs. None of the bolts connect with either the thugs, or the bystanders nearby. The crowd quickly scatters.
Valfar raises his blaster pistol and fires at one of the Thugs. The shot clips the thug, who was standing a little too close to the edge, on the shoulder and he is thrown over the edge to his death.
Rasten takes cover behind a fountain and fires his pistol. Although not a particularly good shot, Rasten’s shot blasts catches a thug right in his neck and he slumps to the ground very dead.
Six rushes towards the remaining thugs with his axe in hand. His speed is astonishing as he closes, swings his axe, and disembowels one of them. Spraying gore across the sidewalk, the speeders, himself, and the remaining thug.
The last thug completely loses his nerve, and his lunch. Hopping on his swoop, he speeds away as fast as possible.
Our Comlinks blink as we are contacted by a Pike operative, who pulls up along side the platform in another speeder.
“We better get out of here before security shows up” he says.
The speeder takes us to our next contact. We pull up in front of a garage, a sign at the front says the place is Choppers, no relation to our droid.
We enter the Garage, and are assaulted by the smell of oil and welding gas. A bunch of Ungaunts are busily working on a half dozen speeders of various types. Its obviously a Chop-shop.
Chopper, a Beselisk, himself comes out of the back room and rushes to greet us.
“My friends, its so goood to see you again!” he says as he embraces Six with all 4 of his very muscular arms.
Valfar and Chopper get to work decrypting the data files we got from the Black Sun.
It reveals the true identity of the Bounty Hunter to be Kaa’to Leeachos. The data shows several possible locations he is known to frequent. A Sabacc Parlor called the Spyder, a dance parlor called The dirty Rancor, and finally a place called the Zelcom Tower.
The data also shows that Kaa’to only sold part of the spice we know he took from the Pikes to the Black Sun, although its obvious the Black Sun are unaware of this.
“Interesting… It seems that he’s holding out on the Black Sun. I wonder why? He’s pissed off one major crime syndicate, why risk the wrath of another?” ponders Chopper as he strokes his chin. “The Pikes very much want their spice back. It’s a lost cause getting what he’s already sold to the Black Sun, but the other half is still a possibility. He probably means to sell it to another buyer, we’ll need to act fast to find out where he is keeping it. You might not have time to do a through investigation”
“Well, I think we can safely rule out The Dirty Rancor, doesn’t sound like a place we’d find much info. Its probably just a drug front, no real information of consequence to found there” says Rocan as he analyzes the situation. “I would recommend we check out the Sabacc parlor. Gambling tends to loosen tongues, and credit accounts…” he says with a wry smile on his face.
We hop in a speeder and head over to the Spyder. As we enter, we can see it’s a well kept establishment, but not too high end either. There are dozens of sabacc tables scattered about the room and many patrons milling about. A bar is set on the far end of the room, manned by a Troig bartender who is chatting with the various customers at the bar.
A Bothan in nice clothes mills about the room from table to table, its fairly obvious he owns the place.

…… to be continued

Escape from Mos Shutta + Act 1 of Long Arm of the Hutt

Or how to blow up Mos Shuuta without really trying!

Here I’ll be recording the adventures of our little Edge of the Empire RPG group. We’ll follow the exploits of our wretched little hive of scum and villainy.

Our cast

Rocan Selbus: Human Bounty Hunter Survivalist. Being Blackmailed by an Imperial Moff, Rocan had his services “volunteered” to Teemo the Hutt by this Moff. Teemo has grown a little too attached to Rocan, and he feels it is high time to extract from this situation.

Equipment: Heavy Blaster Rifle, Light Blaster Pistol, Vibro-knife, Padded armor, and a few other sundries that aren’t yet important.

Zara: Human/Arkanian hybrid, Explorer-Scout. An orphan of a family of gem miners, arranged for her sister to be adopted by a family who has seedy connections to the Hutts. Hired out to be a temporary dancer for Teemo, he has taken a fancy to her and wants her to remain permanently. Prompting an escape attempt.

Equipment: Blaster pistol, Vibro-knife, and a few other gubbins.

Valfar: Human Slicer. Valfar was connected to the Black Sun organization’s operations on Coruscant as an expert Slicer. One day, during a bank heist, he stumbled onto some information he could use as leverage against his controlling Vigo. But he got ratted out and was forced to flee for his life. He lost the proof he needed to maintain the leverage to add insult to injury. Fleeing to Tatooine, he took a job working for Teemo. Unfortunately, a botched job has caused him to get on Teemo’s bad side and he needs to flee again.

Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Vibro-knife, heavy clothing, slicer gear, restraining bolt, and some other various computer related gear.

Our heroes fled down the back alleys of Mos Shuuta, pursued by half a dozen of Teemo’s Gamorrean thugs.

The protagonists ducked into the Cantina in a desperate attempt to give their pursuers the slip and to escape the oppressive heat of the midday suns. It was fairly run-of-the-mill cantina, with a bar set along the left wall. On the far side of the building there was a small stage where a Twi’lek dancer was dancing in front of a mixed crowd. The Bartender and a few patrons glace at the group as they burst into the room.

Rocan walked up to the bar and attempted to convince the Devaronian barkeep that they were looking for some prisoners of Teemo’s who escaped and that they needed to search premises. The barkeep recognized Rocan as an employee of Teemo’s and let them search the cantina. “Fine, just don’t mess my place up too bad. Business ain’t been so good lately.”

Zara walks among the patrons and buries herself in a booth on the right wall.

Valfar casually walks among the tables, grabbing a drink from a waiter as he passes. Then sits down at a table.

Rocan makes his way to the stage and enters the changing room behind it, flicking a couple credits at the dancer as he passes(she gives him an annoyed look followed by indifference)

The GM calls for stealth checks. We all pass.

3 Gamorreans enter the Cantina in a rush. Looking around, they see nothing immediately suspicious. After a minute of grunting to each other in their primitive language they turn to leave.

Its the perfect time for an ambush!

We roll our cool checks. We all pass, Zara gets a free maneuver and positions herself behind a piller near the Gamorreans. One of the Gamorreans passes his Vigilance check, turns and readies his axe.

Initiative goes PC-PC-Gamorrean-PC-Gamorrean-Gamorrean.

Rocan goes first, raises his heavy blaster rifle, takes stress to aim, and fires at the Gamorrean who turned around. An excellent roll drops the Gamorrean in a single blast with 1 stress relieved. The customers immediately panic and begin stampeding towards the door.

Zara aims and fires her pistol at one of the other Gamorreans. He is seriously wounded but isn’t killed.

The injured Gamorrean uses his maneuver to engage Zara and swings his axe, but misses.

Valfar stands up, takes a stress to draw his pistol, and fires at the other Gamorrean but the shot goes wide and misses because of the crowd(but no bystanders are hit)

Next round:

Zara goes first and aims at the Gamorrean engaging her. She manages to miss the giant pig man and her shot does nothing.

Rocan aims and fires at the Gamorrean engaging Zara, taking the risk of hitting his companion. Despite the disadvantage die from the crowd and dispair die from shooting into melee, his shot is true and takes the Gamorreans head clean off.

The final Gamorrean takes a swing at Valfar and the attack connects, causing 4 wounds after soak.

Valfar moves away from the Gamorrean and takes stress to aim at him, and manages to get enough success to kill the Gamorrean and uses an advantage to heal a stress.

end of encounter:

The Cantina is empty at this point. The barkeep peeks over the bar to survey the aftermath. “Looks like you’ll be needing to get off this planet! Fortunately I know of a freighter that just docked her a little while ago. The bad news is its captain is a Trandoshan slaver who works for Teemo and its in need of a Hyper-matter reactor igniter. But I know the junk-dealer has one. Best of luck to you. Now get out of my bar!”

Our group leaves the bar and heads for the junk-dealer, taking care to use the back alleys. We arrive with no incident and enter the dealer. An old man is dozing behind the counter next to an old R1 unit.

The old wakes up, sees us, and then kicks the droid. “Blast it Chopper! You’re supposed to tell me when I have customers! Go finish stripping that speeder out back!” The droid leaves with a sigh *bweemp boop

“Well what can I do for you people! I’ve got all the parts you could ever need!”

“I’m sure you do”- Rocan “We need a Hyper-matter reactor igniter and we’re told you have one.”

“Indeed I do, but I’ve already sold it to a Trandoshan captain. He’ll be by later to pick it up.”

We discuss among ourselves what the best course of action is here. We decide to try and buy the Droid and see if he can help us get the part.

After a little haggling, we purchase Chopper for 600 credits and leave the shop. We cross the street and hide out behind some large crates behind a small market.

Valfar goes to work on Chopper, attaches a restraining bolt, and plugs in his data pad. Chopper is clearly grateful to not be owned by the old man anymore, but is less than pleased about the restraining bolt. He is very crotchety, much like his previous owner. He says he’ll help us get the part if we give him his freedom and take him off the planet. We reply that we’ll take him with us and remove the bolt, and think about his freedom. He agrees after a minute of thinking about it.

“The Hyper-matter injector is in the back storage closet, third shelf on the left.” he says.

So we hatch a plan. I’ll keep watch across the street with Chopper, Valfar will distract the old man by claiming that Chopper ran off and demand his money back, while Zara climbs the wall surrounding the outdoor yard, sneak in the back, and grab the part.

Valfar enters the shop and demands his money back because Chopper ran off. His deception check succeeds with 2 disadvantage, Tyler is working up a sweat.

“well you shoulda put a restraining bolt on him! Its not mah problem he ran off”

Zara attempts to vault the wall. And fails… Rocan facepalms from his look out position.

Valfar rolls another deception check, this time with a setback die. He succeeds, but suffers some additional strain. They continue to argue.

Zara succeeds this time in vaulting the wall and approaches the back door. She succeeds her Stealth check and enters the closet.

Valfar is sweating bullets now and makes another deception check, passes and suffers 2 more strain.

Zara grabs the part, stuffs it in a bag laying on the floor, passes another stealth check and makes it outside.

Valfar is free and clear and breaks off the argument.

Zara rolls a difficult check to vault the wall, and rolls a triumph! We spend it to say she spies a nice looking set of tools in the yard and scoops them up as she leaves.

We meet back up and plan our next move.

The GM has us roll a Piloting(Space) check to see if we realize something. We all pass amazingly, and have a realization we need to release the docking clamps on the ship before we can leave! Which is at the fairly heavily guarded Space Port control tower!

Having had the realization that even if we were to get the freighter we couldn’t take off till the docking clamps were released.

So the 3 of us and our new droid head off to Spaceport Control.

I declare I’m taking an intellect check to see if Rocan, as a former employee of the Hutt, recall anything about the Spaceport building security.

Rocan succeeds and recalls that the building has a side entrance into an employee lounge, there is a front waiting room, a central office, and a large control room in the back where large windows look out over the desert. As for security, there are likely a few security droids present.

We approach the front of the building where 2 droids stand guard outside the entrance.

Rocan approaches the droids, who engage security protocols and approach.

“Halt, only individuals with official starport business may enter”

We have a moment of indecisiveness and decide to err on the side of caution and say “Sorry, must have made a wrong turn.” The droids return to their positions.

We decide to sneak around to the side entrance.

Valfar takes an average Slicing check to hack the security on the door. He succeeds and we enter the side room. There is a table and a few chairs, some empty glasses litter the room. There is a security monitor showing the main control room security footage with audio.

There is a half dozen technicians working at various stations, 2 security droids guard the entrance, and a women stands in the center of the room. She is wearing an official looking uniform and is talking into a com system. There is a hologram of all space traffic in the system displayed in front of her.

“Imperial Shuttle, this is Overseer Bren. You are cleared to land in docking bay Besh. There is a display of a Lambda Class shuttle bearing Imperial markings approaching the docking bay.

“Blast, why are there Imperials here?” Valfar mutters.

We discuss what our different courses of action are. We need to slice into the system to disengage the docking clamps.

Various plans formulate. We can either go in guns blazing, take out the droids as quickly as possible, hold Overseer Bren at gunpoint while we slice the system. Or we can just kill everyone.

Another idea is for Zara to go around the outside of the building to the ledge looking into the window and do something “distracting” with her feminine wiles while Valfar sneaks in to slice the system.

We contemplate picking up Chopper and tossing him at the window for a distraction from the cliffside. *BRRT BWEEEP!!!

We opt to go for the first option.

Initiative, we all roll higher than the NPCs. Overseer Bren rolls 1 success and 2 advantage on her Vigilance check and manages to see a heavy blaster rifle poking out from the side door, allowing her to draw his blaster pistol. And droids utterly fail to notice anything.

Rocan fires at the farthest security droid, but despite aiming and catching them by surprise the shot misses and hits the wall.

Valfar fires his blaster at the other droid who is closer and manages to damage the droids left arm, but it is otherwise still functioning. He then moves to behind the main console and prepares to hack the system.

Zara enters the room and hides behind another console next to Valfar and fires at the same droid. Her shot connects and the droid is destroyed.

The Technicians have begun to flee. Overseer Bren moves to put another console between her and the very large blaster rifle she sees protruding from the side door. She fires but her shot just impacts on the wall. The droid does the same and misses as well.

The droids guarding the front entrance hear the commotion and enter the control room.

Next round:

Rocan fires at one of the droids just entering the room. 4 net success drops one droid and Rocan passes a setback die off to Overseer Bren.

Valfar prepares to hack the system, using a maneuver to open an access panel and his action to plug in his datapad.

Zara fires a round off at Overseer Bren but misses.

Overseer Bren fires again at Rocan, but again hits the wall.

The remaining droids fire at Zara, hitting her and doing 4 wounds.

Next Round:

Valfar rolls to slice the system and gets 5 advantage and 3 success. Not only does he release the docking clamps, but he causes the entire building’s power to fail. Leaving the only light source the blinding desert sun streaming in from the window to dazzle the droids and Overseer Bren.

He uses his maneuver to disengage from the panel and suffers stress to get back to the side room.

Rocan takes his turn and fires at the droids. He drops one droid and severely damages another(minion group) and passes a setback die off to Overseer Bren.

Zara fires at the remaining droid, destroying it. She then moves to the side room and suffers strain to lock the side door behind her.

Overseer Bren uses 2 maneuvers to attempt to body slam the side door open. She rolls 3 failures and 2 disadvantage. She smacks into the door, but Rocan had his weight against it and she is knocked back sprawled out on the floor.

End of encounter: We recover most of our strain.

We make a hasty retreat, Valfar slices the security lock on the outer door and locks it down tight. We book it down towards Hanger Aurek where the freighter is docked. As we enter a small square dominated by a large water
tower we see a group of Stormtroopers enter it from another street while we can see another group heading towards Starport control.

The Stormtroopers roll a triumph on their vigilance check and radio their comrades.

“We have sight of the targets in the western square”

Initiative roll is rather poor: PC-Stormtroopers-Stormtroopers-PC-PC

Rocan has an idea and hoses down the water tower with his heavy blaster rifle before using a maneuver and stress for a second one to move across the square towards the hanger.

The tower is heavily damaged and begins gushing water. Nearby citizens begin to panic as their precious water is leaking out into the street.

The Stormtroopers in the square open fire on Rocan because he just blasted apart the water tower. Despite the intervening water tower and citizens, they hit very successfully and do 7 wounds after soak(13 threshold)

Now Zara goes and spends 2 light side points(all of them) to see if there is anything explosive near the Stormtroopers. Apparently, there is a speeder refueling station on the other side of the square and a large tank of Tibanna gas. Zara fires at the tank, boosting to aim. She rolls a Triumph and 3 success!

A hole is burst in the tank, which shoots off in the direction of the Stormtroopers. Striking one of them with full force. The tank then explodes, evaporating the stormtroopers, several nearby civilians, and collapsing the wall of a nearby building.

Our group ducks down an alley just as the second group of stormtroopers enters the square. The Stormtroopers fail a perception check to not go an investigate the fate of their comrades and we escape down the alley and approach the hanger.

End of Encounter:

As we approach, we see the entrance is guarded by 2 rusty looking droids.

We approach casually, I shoulder my rifle but draw my knife and conceal it in my hand.

The droids challenge us.

“This hanger is restricted to the registered owner of the ship.”

We figure we can take these droids on. So my character says, “Here is my registration” and I plunge my Vibro-knife into one of the droids and grab his weapon arm with my free hand. A comment is made about droid wrastling by the GM.

Initiative goes PC-PC-Enemy-Enemy-Enemy-PC.

I do only 2 points of damage with my Vibro-knife. I actually rolled 2 advantages, enough to trigger a crit and instantly kill the droid but we forgot. I pass an advantage off to Zara instead.

Zara goes next and walks up to the other droid and blasts the consol behind him to give him a setback die on his action.

Another 2 droids come into the narrow entrance and fire at Valfar but miss due to the intervening droid wrestling match.

A Trandoshan also enters the hallway and screeches “Wasss it you who stole my ship part?” He then suffers strain to vault over the droid melee and begins to scratch up Zara, inflicting 6 wounds after soak. She is now almost at threshold. Thankfully he doesn’t crit!

The droid wrestling with Rocan attempts to brawl. He succeeds with 3 advantage, but fails to exceed my Soak. Instead, he breaks my Vibroknife! The other droid in his group shoots at Rocan as well. Succeeding(due to minion group bonuses) and doing 3 wounds.

Valfar moves to the side and fires at the droid that is not currently going for the WWF championship. More jokes about droid wrestling are made. He inflicts 4 wounds after soak.

At this point I’m thinking we’re going to wake up in a Hutt’s jail cell.

Next Round:

Zara moves out of melee and fires at the Trandoshan. Inflicting 3 wounds.

Rocan backs away from the droid who just broke his knife, whips out his Rifle and fires at the Trandoshan. Big money is rolled and he takes 9 wounds after soak, he’s almost dead!

The Trandoshan decides to limp back inside for a stimpack.

One group of droids fires at Zara. They inflict enough wounds to go over her threshold, she is knocked unconscious and suffers 2 critical wounds(Off-balance and Fearsome Wound)

The other group can’t see Valfar around the corner, so they shoot at Rocan. Inflicting 2 more wounds(1 below threshold) and get a critical. The wound results in Rocan getting Bowled Over.

Valfar activates last, moves over to Zara and administers a Stim-pack to wake her up.
Next round:

Rocan uses a stimpack on himself, suffers 2 strain to aim, and goes Full auto on “those dang blasted droids!”. An impressive string of dice later, the droids crumple in a heap.
Zara picks herself up, suffers strain to enter the hanger, and shoots the Trandoshan in the back as he is limping towards the boarding ramp of his ship. The Trandoshan crumples to the floor dead.
End of Encounter:

At this moment, more Stormtroopers come into view of the hanger. We quickly enter the hanger, but Rocan quickly stops to examine the body of the Trandoshan. When he finds a heavy blaster pistol, a thermal detonator, a stimpack(dumb trandoshan forgot he had it), some binders, and a datapad. He takes the pistol, thermal detonator, and the stimpack.
We enter the freighter and close the ramp just as the Stormtroopers enter the bay. I mutter something about getting us out of here.
Rocan climbs in the ball turret on the nose, Zara hops in the pilot seat, Valfar and Chopper head to install the Hypermatter injector.
Rocan attepts to fire at the Stormtroopers in the landing bay, but the gun fires wildly and only rips up the side of the landing bay as the ship takes off, strafes over Moss Shunta, and gains altitude.

As we leave the atmosphere, we see an Imperial Frigate looming before us and as well pull away we see 4 tie fighters giving chase.
Initiative roll is PC-Tie-PC-PC-Tie
Valfar makes a mechanics check to install the Hyper-matter Injector. The amount of turns it takes to boot up is equal to 6 minus the number of net success(to a minimum of 2) so that is how long we need to last till we can jump to Hyper-space. He rolls insanely good and has 4 extra successes. meaning we need to last 2 rounds only.

The first wave of Ties comes in and fires at us, we’re going speed 1 and are sitting ducks. Fortunately they only cause superficial damage and fail to exceed armor.
Zara punches it and we go to speed 4. Zara then makes an astrogation check to calculate our jump coordinates.
the second group of Ties fires at us with no effect.
Rocan fires back at the closer ties but misses.

Next round:

We jump to Hyperspace!

End of session:

The Long Arm of the Hutt! part 1

Or how to let your inner psychopath come out and build a better friend!

As our heroes make the jump to hyperspace aboard the Krayt Fang, not all is well. Almost immediately, the Krayt Fang drops out of hyperspace on the edge of the Tatooine system.
Loud klaxons blare over the PA system, along with a sound that seems like screaming Gamorreans, while warning symbols flash on all monitors. In addition, there is a horrible stench of rotting flesh.

Almost immediately, Zara declares “Criff this, I’m getting outta this deathtrap” and heads for one of the rear hatches. Immediately a sound of docking clamps being released is heard, Rocan and Valfar see a Phantom star fighter pass outside the cockpit window.
“No loyalty to companions I see” declares Valfar as the Phantom jumps to hyperspace.
(Sadly, the guy who played Zara will not be able to join us regularly. Thus his character had to make an exit from the story. For now)

“We got bigger problems. Something is obviously wrong with our ship.” says Rocan.
The displays on the ship are all configured in Trandoshan.

“I can’t read this garbage!” says Valfar as he tries to make sense of the system.

“My Trandoshan is a little rusty, but I should be able to fix it” Rocan replies. “Hmmm, I can’t quite make sense of this. This icon is saying something about wookies.”

After several minutes of trying.

“Ok, this icon is saying…”

Delivery for Teemo the Hutt

-6 Wookie pelts

Warning: Cargo for Teemo still on-board!

“Just what we need… Ahhh, found the language controls” – Rocan sighs in relief.
“Zogging hell, the systems in shambles. Looks like it hasn’t been updated in years, he’s still using Vista! And worse, we’re almost out of fuel!” Valfar notes as the system switches over.

“I’m gonna go search the ship and find the source of that smell. Try and turn that wretched sound off!” Rocan says as he leaves the cockpit and heads for the crew quarters.
Aided by Chopper, Valfar successfully finds the source of the squealing. Apparently Trex, the former owner of the ship, was a fan of Gamorrean Opera.

“Gamorrean WHAT? Guess you learn something new every day. Worked among Gamorrean’s for years, never knew they had singing, much less ‘Opera’” says Rocan as Valfar informs him over the PA.

Rocan searches the crew quarters. In Trex’s room there isn’t much of note besides a Whampa skin rug.

“Nice! I’ve got plans for you my furry little friend” says Rocan as he leaves to inspect the cargo holds.

“Well it seems that Trex only had a few destinations logged in the navicomputer. Tatooine, Trandosha, Kashyyk, Ryloth, and Geonosis. Not much of an explorer.” says Valfar as he explores the computer.

“Likely his wookie pelt business was the primary concern.” replies Rocan.
Arriving in the first of the 2 Cargo bays, Rocan begins searching. “Smell’s pretty bad here, must be coming from a hidden compartment”

After some searching, Rocan finds the source of the stench. 6 wookie pelts, only partially cured, hidden in some smuggling compartments. “Well this explains the smell. I wonder if Teemo was aware his pelts weren’t finished. I doubt even a Hutt would tolerate this stench.”
“What should we do with them?” asks Valfar.

“Well, we could sell them. Wookie pelts fetch a handsome price on the black market, 100-200 credits apiece. But finding a buy could be tricky, especially since the Hutts are one of the major consumers” Rocan replies. “I’m gonna stick em in one of the airlocks and seal it off, that should get rid of the stench”

The ship’s ventilation system manages to purge most of the smell once the pelts are sealed in the starboard airlock.

Rocan then enters the second cargo hold. This hold was obviously where Trex kept his prisoners. The room contains an assortment of binders and cages, and in one of the binders to Rocan’s surprise is a male Twi-lek!

The Twi-lek is of middle age and his right Lekku is completely missing. A cauterized stump in its place.

He looks up fearfully as Rocan enters, but upon seeing that he is not the Trandoshan he seems somewhat relieved.

“Who are you?” asks Rocan. “Hey Valfar, seems we have a passenger down in the hold here”
“My name is ”/characters/bura_ban" class=“wiki-content-link”>B’ura B’an" says the Twi-lek. “May I assume that you are not friends with the Trandoshan who put me here?”

“Certainly not. My associate and myself stole this ship as we needed to make a hasty retreat from Mos Shutta” Rocan replies. “So who are you? And why would you be in the clutches of a Trandoshan bounty hunter?”

“Well I really can’t say!” says B’ura B’an as Rocan removes him from his bindings.
B’ura B’an goes into a long winded story about how he is affiliated with a Twi-lek Ryll mining group on Ryloth and that his companions would be most grateful for his return and would surely reward us for his safe return.

“Well, as it happens, we have just enough fuel to get to Ryloth.” says Valfar.

“Excellent, I assure you that you won’t regret it” exclaims B’ura B’an.

Rocan continues his search of the ship.

The only other discovery of note is a pile of droid components in the ship’s workshop. Valfar examines the components and surmises that there are enough components to assemble a complete droid, although he can’t quite identify the make and model. “Must be some sort of custom droid” In addition, the parts look as if some had been forcefully separated.
The Hyperspace jump to Ryloth is uneventful and we arrive in close orbit of the planet and make our way to the city of Lessu.

Landing on the outskirts of the capital, the city is a mass of rocky outcroppings with some visible buildings. The vast bulk of the city is underground in the massive tunnel network.
B’ura B’an leads Rocan and Valfar through the city till they reach the market place.
“I’d like to try and find a blaster rifle” says Valfar.

“Ok, look around but be quick about it” says Burra-ban.

We shop and find some interesting things, including some stun grenades, but no blaster rifles. Rocan purchases a single stun grenade.

“Alright, lead on B’ura B’an” says Valfar dejectedly. Upset at the lack of blaster rifles.
B’ura B’an leads us down a back alley till we arrive at a door. Various codewords are exchanged and we enter a decent sized chamber with several passages leading off in different directions. There are various Twi-leks and a few humans milling about. They seem very excited upon seeing B’ura B’an.

An older Twi-lek female enters the room. “B’ura B’an! You’re alive!” she says as she embraces him. The two of them step off the side and talk alone for several minutes.
Then the female approaches us and introduces herself.

“Greetings, my name is ”/characters/nyn" class=“wiki-content-link”>Nyn Kablo. B’ura B’an has told me of how you rescued him from the Trandoshan and brought him back to us. We are extremely greatful. We represent a group of Twi-leks who are fighting for local rights to industry. We run a Ryll mine a few hours from the city.

We would like to request your aid in dealing with a problem. For several years, our operation was having trouble with some Aqualish thugs who were extorting us for protection money. Then a few months ago, a human by the name of Drom purchased the adjacent property from the local Clan leader. Supposedly he was going to develop it into a resort, but no such thing has happened. At first, we welcomed him because his hired muscle drove away the Aqualish. But since then he has been nothing but trouble, even worse than the Aqualish! He extorts favor from us and there are far too many “accidents” involving our mining equipment. We suspect he is working for Teemo, but have little proof. You finding B’ura B’an on one of Teemo’s ships only adds to our suspicion.

Will you help us? We would consider it partial payment for fixing and refueling your ship. We can also offer you a Ryll Contract once the mine is open again."

We begrudgingly agree to the terms, and we are also very interested in the Ryll opportunity.

Nyn arranges for a speeder to take us and B’ura Ban to the mine the next morning.

Nyn arranges for medical treatment for Rocan’s injury sustained in the escape from Mos Shutta, but the treatment fails to remove the critical injury.

In the middle of the night, we are awoken by Chopper. Who says that a ship just arrived from Tatooine and that a Gand had been inquiring about us around the star port. We decide we’d better secure the ship, we spend in the night there but nothing occurs.

In the morning, we get in the speeder, Valfar takes the wheel and we depart. Several hours pass till we approach a canyon.

Valfar, despite his prodigious skills, smacks the side of the speeder into a rock formation. “Gimme that!” says Rocan as he kicks Valfar to the back seat and takes the wheel.
Rocan’s piloting is nothing short of “triumphal” as he skillfully takes the speeder down a shortcut which shaves several hours off the trip.

Driving along the edge of a large cliff face, Rocan spots a small cave, an insectoid looking head peeking out of it and immediately ducking back in.

He brings the speeder to a stop behind some rocks and everyone gets out. As they approach the cave as quietly as they can, Valfar manages to step on the one twig in all of Ryloth. The crack is heard throughout the canyon.

Immediately, a Gand and a very familiar Trandoshan pop out of the cave blasters firing. Rocan is hit several times by their stun bolts and nearly passes out from the strain. He and Valfar return fire, definitely NOT using Stun. Trex and his companion retreat into the cave.
Rocan approaches the entrance and tosses a Stun grenade into the maw of the cave. The grenade detonates with a deafening bang.

Valfar approaches the cave entrance warily, but, looking inside, he cannot see their enemies.
“They must have fled further into the cave” says Rocan.

Rocan and Valfar enter the cave with their weapons drawn, B’ura B’an follows close behind.
After several twists and turns, peeking around a corner, Rocan sees the bounty hunters hiding behind some rubble in a large room with their blasters pointed at the entrance. But they don’t see our heroes yet.

Suddenly, the cave is shook by the approach of a large creature. A Lylek rises out of the darkness behind the 2 hapless bounty hunters who immediately turn and fire at it. The Gand is stung by the beasts poisoned tail barb and fed into its mouth by its tentacles. Trexx continues to fire at it but is impaled by one of its 3 meter spear-like claws. Our heroes make a silent exit as the creature contentedly chews on the Gand while Trex slowly bleeds out.
Rocan and Valfar explore the other passage of the cave and find the bounty hunter’s land speeder!

“Excellent! We could use a speeder of our own” Valfar declares.

“Yeah, if you could actually drive…” jeers Rocan.

Our heroes continue on to the Mine, a speeder richer for having come.

After a short while, we arrive at the mine. Which is little more than a shanty town built in the shadow of some decrepit machinery. A couple permanent buildings are erected, but most of the structures are little more than tents and shabby lean-tos.

There are many Twi-leks milling about, they seem startled by the approaching speeders. Clearly not expecting friends. But once they see B’ura Ban the mood changes and Twi-leks come pouring out to see him. There is a mixture of joy at seeing him alive and anger at his severed Lekku.

Rocan and Valfar are welcomed as friends once B’ura B’an relates the tale of his rescue and that we have been hired to deal with Drom.

Our heroes are treated to some green nutrient paste and water. “Don’t worry, I’m sure its not made of people” chuckles Rocan. *turning the packet over the ingredient label reads “Definitely not people!”

After the initial excitement is over, we discuss the plan for dealing with Drom.
We learn all we can about the place from the Twi-leks, who say his base is just over a small hill along the cliff face where he runs the operation from a Cantina. Rocan scouts out the area while Valfar lends his mechanical expertise to repairing some of the equipment they have.

Rocan discovers there are several guards patrolling the perimeter of a cluster of prefabricated buildings. the Cantina sits at the top of a small rise and behind it can be seen a garage containing various large tractors of various types as well as several speeders.
We decide to confront Drom in the morning and get a good nights rest. One of the Twi-leks who has some medical knowledge attempts to heal Rocan’s injury, but it refuses to be healed. “Bugger all, its only a flesh wound! Why won’t you heal!”

In the middle of the night, we are awoken by the sound of crashing machinery. Dashing outside with weapons ready, we see a very large tractor crewed by 3 humans and an Aqualish rammed into the rubble of several of the Twi-lek shanties.

“Oi you!” shouts one of the humans at us. “We need to ‘borrow’ your speeder” he says menacingly while a family of Twi-leks moans over the destruction of their home.
“I don’t think so shouts Rocan” The thugs barely have time to draw their pistols as he ducks behind a crate and opens fire. His first shots go wide, only striking the machinery.
Valfar moves into cover and fires his pistol as well, once of the thugs drops from a well placed bolt to the chest.

The thugs open fire but are unable to hit their mark due to the darkness.

Rocan mutters “Play time’s over!” and flicks his DLT-19 onto full auto, saturating the area around the tractor with blaster bolts. The hail of fire irreparably damages the machine, fire spews from the engine compartment, and the remaining 3 thugs go down to the fusilade.
There is now only the sound of the crackling fire and the Ryloth night.

Everyone returns to bed, emboldened by the swift victory.

The next morning, we discuss what we should do with Drom. Several plans are bandied about.

“I have an idea!” says Rocan. Give me some time and then follow me to their camp.
Rocan drags the bodies of the thugs we dispatched during the night into a pile near the edge of the shanty town. He quickly and efficiently removes their heads and binds them together with rope. Passing Twi-leks look at him with a mixture of fear and revulsion and quickly continue about their business.

Once finished, Rocan buries the headless bodies in the sand. Then heads for Drom’s encampment followed by Valfar. Some of the braver Twi-leks also follow, but at a greater distance.

As they approach the compound, the sentries see them and gather together at the edge. Once they are within 10 meters they hail the group.

I’d criffin well turn back if I was you! You got no business h-" he suddenly cuts off as Rocan tosses the bundle of heads at his feat. The group of thugs is shocked speechless.

Rocan calmly unslings his rifle and says with a smile “Get out of here before I add you to my… collection”

The thugs drop all their weapons, a collection of old blaster pistols and brass knuckles, and head for the hanger like a Rancor was on their tail.

Just as this is happening, a fat human leaves the Cantina and walks down the hill. Halfway down, Drom sees his thugs fleeing and a rather intimidating pair of humans, one with a very large rifle, with a pile of his missing employees heads at their feet.

He immediately books it back up the slope and into the building.

Rocan and Valfar take cover. Spying the muzzle of a blaster poking out of one of the windows, Rocan flicks his blaster onto full auto and sprays the side of the cantina. The entire wall is riddled with holes and an anguished scream is heard. Unfortunately, the blaster overheats temporarily.

Valfar draws his pistol and dashes up to the side of the Cantina. Peeking inside, he sees the figure of Drom hiding behind an upturned table. He is clearly injured. Valfar blasts at the pudgy figure. Drom lets out a moan as he rolls backwards and goes completely limp. Blood pouring from several large holes in his even larger body.

Rocan and Valfar enter the cantina. behind the bar, the bartender peeks his head up. “Take whatever you want, I was just hired to serve drinks here” he says as he makes a break for the parking garage. Rocan and Valfar ignore him and head for the back. Behind the bar is a safe and a door leading to a back room with a computer and transmitter in it.

“I’ll work on this computer, you take a look at that safe” says Valfar who begins hacking into the system.

Rocan first attempts to pick the lock but without success. “Zog it!” he says and draws his heavy pistol, blasting the hinges off. 2000 credits spill out.

Valfar succeeds in hacking the computer. He uncovered a series of transmissions between Drom and Thwheek, a Kubaz both he and Rocan recognize from their time working for Teemo as a spy. the transmissions confirm Teemo’s financing of Drom’s operation. There is also a transmission detailing how a Geonosian technician was killed by Thwheek in Teemo’s arena.
In addition, Valfar finds a credit account number and the password to access it. He quickly jots it down. “We’ll check this out when we get back to Lessu.”

At this point, the Twi-leks who followed us have arrived and begun looting the place. Carrying off everything of value, mostly the liquor and food.

We head back to the mine. The Twi-leks are celebrating and clearly won’t be getting back to work for several days. At least till the booze is all gone.

We don’t stay for too long though and quickly head back to Lessu with B’ura B’anm.

Upon arriving, on the way to see Nyn we stop by the local bank(Wy’lls Fairgo) and check the account. We find it contains 650 credits, which we immediately drain.

Nyn is ecstatic over our success. She says to come back tomorrow so we can discuss some other business opportunities which have come up.

We head back to the ship. Valfar decides to take a look at the droid we have strewn across the workshop. With the aid of C1-10P, a few hours work and 1 unsuccessful try, he manages to put the droid together.

It is clearly a remarkable unit. It stands nearly 2.5 meters at full extension. Its fully articulated hands seem to have integrated electric shock circuits as well as reinforced appendages for causing maximum melee damage. We also discover a Vibro-axe hidden under one of the workbenches that had eluded us before. The Vibro-axe has several visual commonalities with the droid itself. The droid has no markers beyond “5-IX” emblazoned on its chest plate.

We turn the droid on. It whirrs and clicks to life.

“State mission parameters” it says.

We just kinda stare at it. After a few seconds it says “Pardon me, my base protocols took over there for a second. My designation is 5-IX, but you can call me Six. I am a fully functioning combat droid, do you have any meatbags for me to kill master?”

We spend some time conversing with Six. Apparently he used to be an assassin for Teemo and worked with Trex, although how long ago he cannot tell. “Chronological timekeeping was not considered an essential part of my programming. I simply record and recall data as it occurs. It is most efficient for an assassin. I should note that I am a simple combat droid, not an actual assassin droid. Such a function is highly illegal of course!”

“Any idea why you are laying about in pieces in Trex’s ship?” asks Rocan.

“I only have data that I completed my last mission unsatisfactorily. The logical conclusion is that Teemo had me scrapped by Trex. The meatbag will pay for crossing me!” declares Six.

“You are my new masters now. My loyalty is to you. So what is the current mission?”

“Well, we are currently trying to get away from Teemo. We’ve also managed to secure a source of Ryll for us to smuggle” says Valfar.

“Drugs! Drugs are an excellent tool for disrupting inferior organic meat bags. It makes them useful beyond simple termination. The Spice must flow! A pity inferior inorganic machines do not have such vices, they are much harder to dominate” says Six. This draws an annoyed “Brrrt” from Chopper.

“Yes, you are an inferior inorganic. I am a superior inorganic. It is a simple computational fact!”

(Six is our latest PC addition to the group. Assassin Droid Marauder. Favors melee combat. Armed with Integrated Shock Fists(combo of Shock Gloves and Brass Knuckles) and a Vibro-axe)

End of Act 1

Tune in next time for part 2 of Long Arm of the Hutt, or Flattery will get you somewhere!


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